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Hi, I'm Patricia Zoey Tan, Founder of The Early Brain Academy. Since 2015, I have helped hundreds of parents in giving their babies and toddlers the right opportunities and environment in developing their child.

When Raphael was just 2, he told me one day, “Mommy, I don’t want to live in Mars. It’s so filled with red dust.” I was wondering how this little boy know about Mars and then I looked at his little hands. He was reading about planet and stars.

Seeing Raphael becoming a curious learner, that got me even more curious and I found out that I was actually doing an Early Brain Development with him through just play and having fun.

Parenting is so easy when the foundation is set early in the first 3 years.

All these were not because I taught him how to read or made him sit down to learn A-B-C or phonics. All I did was to engage Raphael in a systematic programme in growing the understanding of the early brain. Being a mother myself, I completely understand what it’s like to raise a child in a stressful and competitive environment like Singapore!
“Will my child be able to cope when he starts school?”
“How long before my child is actually able to start speaking?”
“What should I do to nurture a bond between my child and myself?”
That was my exact fears before I discovered the system I am going to share with you at this webinar.

Raphael was reading the moment he started talking at 18 months, when most other children only start reading at ages 4-5.

He was interested in solving complex problems by the age of 3.

Raphael was even able to hold a conversation with adults about volcanoes and the planets!

If you are serious about your child's early brain development so that you can raise a happy, confident and intelligent child, I strongly urge you to join me at the upcoming webinar.

Families We Have Impacted


Parents of Xu Zhi

"We started The Early Brain Academy Programme when Xu Zhi was about two years old. Now he has been in the programme for about nine months. We've seen significant improvement in his learning journey. When he was about two, he wasn't speaking too much and occasionally, he will throw a bit of tantrums. So nine months into the programme, he is a much calmer boy and he is really excited about learning."



Mother of Mahika

"When we started The Early Brain Academy Programme, my daughter was 18 months and we were skeptical whether we should go into it or not. We thought of whatever works for her and we're just going to do that. Since then, our daughter has been able to express herself and connect with others. We think that we couldn't do it, but we have achieved so much with her in just six months."



Mother of Rizqin

"I started The Early Brain Academy Programme when my son was eleven months old. Before that, he cried a lot, threw tantrums, and he was super-active where he screams and ran a lot. When I went for the programme, I learnt from Patricia that we have to be calm. We teach him the 'cause and effect' and it was the one that was the biggest turn around for us. As a mother, I am happy because I've seen how my child understands now and he wants to learn."


Mother of Chelsea

"It was fun and engaging. I could see the sparks in her eyes each time I do the activities with Chelsea at home since birth. We started with the Blooming Joy, then progressed into The Academy when she was 4 months old. Now at 20 months, Chelsea is a confident girl, very discerning and she knows how to express emotions well."




Mother of Oliver

"At just 13 months, I'm amazed at Oliver's ability to focus in reading, listens well to instructions, manage fine motor activities, and enjoying all the advance physical activities with my husband. He is a confident and happy boy when it comes to learning new things and I am so glad I started The Early Brain Academy programme early."




Mother of Aldrick

"I started The Early Brain Academy programme when Aldrick was 10 months old. With Patricia and the coaches' guidance, the TEBA Programme is easy and fun. I was surprised that my son started to talk at 12 months and recognize words and numbers. He even initiated to read books on his own. The Early Brain Academy Programme has definitely given the best foundation for my boy. We love the activities that we learnt at The Early Brain Academy and we just found the perfect place for us to grow and learn together!"